Interviewed by Belmont University: A Fresh Eye on Hacktivism

In this mobile story by Belmont University's Audrey Schaulat, Dr. Dawkins shares her thoughts on hacking as a genre of media participation that deserves more nuanced attention from mainstream and English-speaking press in the U.S.

Interviewed on KPFK's Truthdig Radio: The Million Hoodie March

...full audio available at Truthdig Radio

Dr. Dawkins appears on Truthdig Radio in association with KPFK to talk about Trayvon Martin's death and the Million Hoodie March.

Quoted by ClickZ on Time's Yo Decido Cover

...full text available at ClickZ Marketing News & Expert Advice

"Marcia Dawkins at The Huffington Post concluded that the magazine confused race and ethnicity, and called for a more 'full color' analysis of an obviously complex story..."

#Swirlchat: Interracial Romantic Relationships in Full Color

Here is the transcript from Dr. Dawkins's first TweetChat with Swirl on Friday, February 24th, 2012.

The ABCs of Media Literacy with ITYC

...full audio and video available at @Spreecast ITYC TV

In this inaugural ITYC Monthly Webisode, Dr. Dawkins shares the ABCs of media literacy with Michelle Clark of the ITYC Radio Show. Please tune in and share your comments. Thanks!

Talking Color & Cultural Identity on "Bruce Hurwitz Presents"

...full audio available at Bruce Hurwitz Presents

Dr. Dawkins brings a record number of listeners to "Bruce Hurwitz Presents" where she talks about passing, mixed race identities, mental health and the color of cultural identity in the US. Please tune in and let us know what you think!

Listen to internet radio with Bruce Hurwitz on Blog Talk Radio

Mentioned in The Times Herald

...full text available at The Times Herald

Prof. Walter Greason of Ursinus College mentions Dr. Dawkins's research on hip hop and popular culture and how it contributes to our understanding of contemporary democracy and protest.

Interviewed on KPFK's Truthdig Radio: Reassessing the #Cainwreck

...full audio available at Truthdig Radio

Dr. Dawkins appears on Truthdig Radio in association with KPFK to talk about the end of Herman Cain’s campaign.

Dances With Aliens?: A Look At Multiracialism in "Avatar"

Dr. Dawkins shares her thoughts on multiracial identities, interracial romantic relationships, media and James Cameron's blockbuster film Avatar at the 2011 American Studies Association Conference.

Featured on WFRG's Just Peace: The Meanings of Mixed Race

...full audio available at WFRG Radio

Dr. Dawkins discusses racial passing, mixed race identities, media and culture with Dr. Nadia Ali on two episodes of WFRG's "Just Peace".