Introduction to Human Communication

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The primary objective of this course is to introduce students to the field of human communication as an area of study and skill development. The course is a “hybrid” of instruction in both interpersonal and public communication. We will hone abilities to present materials and to engage in active oral discussion as both a condition of successful classroom work and as preparation for taking part in democratic responsibilities.

A few words

As one of your students I have been a witness to your true love for teaching and for your students. I admire the fact that you enjoy your career and that you come to class prepared and with a smile each day. I know that your students are more intrigued with the information you deliver to them because you are passionate about your subject matter.

My overall experience in your classroom has been more than positive. Human Communcation easily became my favorite subject, not only because of the interesting information I was given but because of the environment and the tone that you set for the classroom. Being surrounded by uplifting peers and a great listener for a teacher is more than a student can ask for.

Thank you for making speech days more enjoyable by bringing sweets for us and making it a more comfortable and fun environment. Presenting my informative speech to the class, I felt by my peers and also by your concern as well. Thank you for making human communication more intriguing, understanding and an enjoyable general educational class at Cal State Fullerton.

Sincerely yours,
Rachel Brito

My intro to HCOM experience

I thought this class was truly great. I enjoyed the opportunity to creatively think about quotes and give my opinion on these quotes for our journals, because I felt that this gave opportunity to think about how other people had communicated effectively and what their words meant to us. Also the way that this class was taught with material that was made relevant the present with speeches from Barack Obama, or music that was recent, but alluded to singers of the past, was very interesting and also enlightening. All in all this class was one of the few that I looked forward to coming to every week, and I felt that it helped my communication skills as well as my understanding of human communication, and the different facets of interpersonal and public communication.
Hector De Los Santos

I took Intro to Human

I took Intro to Human Communication with Dr. Dawkins last semester and I absolutely loved the class. It was never, ever, boring and the atmosphere she creates is just as amazing as well. I was always on the pretty shy side, so I was actually dreading taking this class; however, the first week I already knew that this class would be a great experience for me. This was my favorite class semester not only because of her teaching abilities, but because of how close knit our class became to be. When reading this, you might think, "how does a close knit class have anything to do with her teaching skills?" Her presence in a class is so powerful that she is able to control and comfort her students to make the best possible learning experience for you. And trust me, this is what you would want in a Professor. Thank you for a memorable semester Dr. Dawkins!

Wishing you the best,
Brittany Jaurigue

Great Teacher, Great Class!

Dear Prof. Dawkins,

HELLOOO! Long time, no talk Professor Dawkins! Your class was by far the most entertaining, fun, and enjoyable classes I've had thus far here at CSUF. You are an excellent teacher and really know how to accommodate to your students and make yourself available, whether it be via email or office hours. If it wasn't for your course last semester, I never would have gained a profound interest in the field of communication and all that comes along with it. I wish I could take this class over again, simply because you are, by far, my favorite teacher at Cal State Fullerton. I speak highly of you to friends of mine that still have yet to take an HCOM class. You truly provide an excellent, fun learning environment. I hope all is well, and I look forward to hearing and hopefully seeing you soon!


Best Wishes,
Corey Gant

Sorry I never made it to your USC graduation even when you had tickets waiting for me, ha. Congrats!

Good class!

May 13, 2009
Dear Prof. Dawkins:

Thank you for such an amazing semester! I am really going to miss you and our class, and to tell you the truth, this was my favorite class this semester and I had the most fun interacting with everyone in class and also learning too. You are a really good teacher and I am really considering taking whatever class that you are teaching again next semester. Good luck with everything from now on and also congratulation on you graduating from USC too!
Well thank you again for everything this semester and I really learned a lot from you.


James Chang