Contemporary Communications

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This course introduces students to the fundamentals of effective communication in contemporary society. The primary focus is on communication using electronic means, such as cell phones, e-mail, instant messaging, and Internet technologies. Topics include communication methods and technologies and their impact on the individual and society. Students learn to use appropriate contemporary communication strategies for the setting and audience and apply writing and critical thinking skills to their personal, academic, and work lives.

**this course is taught online

Amazing class!!

Dr. Dawkins is by far THE BEST professor that I have ever had!! She is a professor that goes above and beyond hte call of duty for her students! For example, I did not understand the concepts on an assignment, which is VERY unusual for me but for some reason, it wasn't making any sense. After trying to figure it out on my own for several days and being in tears, I emailed Dr. Dawkins and explained my plight. She not only answered me right away, but she explained the assignment in a different way so I could get a better understanding of it. She also provided me with terms that would help me in completing the work. She ALWAYS compliments and thanks her students for their hard work and participation in class. I was not sure what to expect from the class but Dr. Dawkins went above and beyond any expectations that I had. I learned so much from her and will miss her encouragement and words of wisdom. I am the type of student that needs encouragement along the way and Dr. Dawkins did that and so much more for me. I will miss her once the class ends, but I will never forget the kindness that she showed to me as well as the knowledge that she taught me. KUDOS TO DR. DAWKINS!!!!!!

Hi Professor... Just wanted

Hi Professor...

Just wanted to say thank you for the learning experience. It has been a


Good experience

I have really enjoyed this class and I have been continually surprised by what I have learned, thank you.

--Jay Manning


I just want to thank you for all of your help and feedback this semester. I have really enjoyed this course. I also learned a lot. This course has peaked my interest in taking some additional communications courses in the future. Thanks again!

--Justene Patton

Dr. Dawkins, Every week I

Dr. Dawkins, Every week I look forward to sharing with you. Your responses are very encouraging and I am truly greatful for your openmindedness (if that's a word)! Have a great week ;-)

~Kim A.

Hello professor, I enjoyed

Hello professor,

I enjoyed learning about you. I love pictures and I noticed that in your picture on your main page you are at a beach. When I saw your picture I instantly thought “I like her already”. Thank you for taking time to create your own website, blog, teaching and research you have completed. This helped me to get to know you a bit more. I plan on creating my own website soon to also allow others to learn more about me. I like your layout also, simple and professional. Have a great weekend and look forward to a great class.

Frank Raya III

A Great Educational Experience!

Dr. Dawkins is one of my first online professors and she is everything that I was to expect from an online instructor. She cares about her students and supports them through helpful criticism and positive reinforcement. She is great about responding to my emails in a timely manner and she never denied any of my questions. She is a great communications instructor. Thank you, Dr. Dawkins!