Communication Theory

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The primary objective of this course is to offer an alternative focus on the most important theories of communication in today’s globalized and mediated society. Communication Theory presents an historic range of communication theories, including interpretive, (new) media, critical, rhetorical, cultural, and scientific. The emphasis is on engaging social and cultural contexts in order to utilize theory in everyday life and to prepare learners with a knowledge set for the capstone. We will examine ways of organizing theory into paradigms and traditions and also consider issues of constructing theory.

**this course is taught on ground and online

Simply passion

I can speak endlessly about Dr. Dawkins' inspirational teaching and impressive cognition, yet simply stated, any course administered by Dr. Dawkins is sure to be utterly intellectually stimulating in a way that causes her passion to overflow into one's understanding of the subject.
I look forward to the next course I will be able to take with Dr. Dawkins; to learn from her knowledge and receive from her passion.

In good cheer,
Julia Navarro

Narrative Paradigm...Shift

Hi Dr. Dawkins,

On my way to work this morning I was listening to the Kevin and Bean show on KROQ. They were doing a segment on the worst movies ever made and told a narration about a movie that went straight to DVD called "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus". I knew from the start that it was a horrible movie and they were mocking it but the way it was narrated by Ralph and listening to short clips of the film I tarted to want to see the movie. Then I realized this is definitely what we were talking about in class yesterday. The way the story is old, using the building blocks really impacts the listener and can change their view.

The narrative paradigm has a good point. We live on good stories and will listen to a story about anything as long is it has good narrative. I knew from the start they were describing a horrible film, yet listening to their narrative changed my opinion and made me want to see the film myself based on what I had heard.

Just wanted to fill you in on my "aha" moment.


Good Experience

Dr. Dawkins is a dedicated and committed teacher to her students, and fiercely passionate in her teachings. In this class, Communicaiton Theory, her exciting attitude was contagious and it made it very difficult for students not to look forward to the next chapter.

I noticed that students feel comfortable to voice their opinions in class, especially when they disagree with her. Even then, Dawkins pushes the envelope to allow students to dig deeper and excel in their way of thinking.

Our university is lucky to have such an intriguing and dynamic personality as part of their faculty. In the short time she's been with us she's made her mark and everyone knows her name. It was an honor to be one of her students, and, upon graduation, one of her friends.

Randala Stockton

This is a great class!

Professor Dawkins is a total professional and treats each student with respect. During office hours, Professor Dawkins is very helpful and easy to talk to. My questions (in class and in office) were answered fully and with clarity. The theories taught in this class are interesting and fun to study. In class participation is encouraged and discussions are lively. The lectures are easy to follow and take notes on. Professor Dawkins's teaching style helps connect the theories to your real life experiences and that makes the theories easy to comprehend. Another great thing about this class is that the assignments are spread out, so there's not too much to do at once. I strongly recommend this class as I have actually used what I learned from this class outside of the classroom environment.