Communication Skills for Career Development

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This course is designed to provide students with a practical application of the contemporary communication skills necessary for career development and career success. Topics include investigation of career fields and the communication and technology skills that are essential to those careers. Examples include technology-supported written, oral, private, and public communication. Students learn to assess and analyze their personal communication and technology skills and strategize ways to apply them as part of their professional development goals.

**this course is taught online

Great Course! Positive Experience!

This class was a positive learning experience for me. The teaching style of Dr. Dawkins was informative and enjoyable. I received positive feedback related to my assignments regardless of mistakes. This motivated me to continue to do my best.

After completing this course, I believe my communication and technical skills have improved. Thank you Dr. Dawkins for being such a great instructor. You helped to support my 4.0 GPA.

Thanks for the "A"!

Ginger L. Jenkins