Media Expertise

Marcia Alesan Dawkins welcomes media inquiries on the following subjects:

* Racial, Multiracial, Post-racial politics
* U. S. Census & Public Policy
* Mediated images of race/ethnicity
* Political Speech, Rhetoric
* Popular Culture
* Identity formation
* Faith & Communication
* Social, Spiritual Dimensions of Hip Hop

Peer Review

As an expert in the field of communication I specialize in third party review of academic content for conferences, journals, and grants. As a reviewer, I return an evaluation of the work to an editor, conference planner, or funding committee noting weaknesses or problems along with suggestions for improvement.

Professional Writing and Editing

I offer freelance professional writing and editing services. I have an in depth working knowledge of reputable academic and popular style guides and know how to choose a clean, consistent style of writing for your business, based on the type of image you wish to present - be it traditional, casual, scientific, cutting-edge, approachable, or irreverent.


I offer workshops for developing communication competencies in a variety of areas. I have done workshops on listening skills in online and face to face contexts, conversation skills, impression management, developing professional voice and diction, conflict resolution, online teaching and learning, basic skills instruction, and cultural diversity.

Speaking Engagements

I offer lectures and presentations on a variety of subjects. Sample topics include:

• A Multiracial Perspective on Communication
• Racial Passing and Post-Identity Politics
• Popular Culture
• Faith, Religion and Communication
• Classical Rhetoric
• African American Rhetoric
• Public Image Campaigns and Crossover
• Rhetoric and Pedagogy of New Media