Interviewed on KPFK's Truthdig Radio: The Spiritual Side of Identity

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Dr. Dawkins talks with Truthdig's Kasia Anderson about her recent trip to the Holy Land and what she learned about the spiritual side of mixed race identities there and in the States.

Participated in Roundtable on Mixed Race Representation: ITYC Podcast

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Dr. Dawkins contributes to a roundtable discussion about rethinking mixed race identities as they're framed by Madison Avenue and lived on Main Street.

Quoted by Intermix: Part Spider, Part African American, Part Latino

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Marcia Alesan Dawkins writing for the Huffington Post clearly has some insight into the thinking behind the new alter ego... "The social significance of multiracial and multiethnic identities extends far beyond present day politics and post-racial popular culture. Like all racial and ethnic identities, mixed race and ethnic identities are used to create communities of common interest, claim rights, market products and make powerful cultural arguments.

Mentioned in Cultural Weekly

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Cultural Weekly's Adam Leipzig thanks Dr. Dawkins for her contributions to recent issues as he celebrates its one-year anniversary. Cheers Adam!!

Interviewed on Mixed Chicks Chat

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In Episode #217, Dr. Dawkins chatted with the Chicks about the diasporic multiracial experience and border identities, Eminem, and so much more! Tune in and tell us what you think!!

Quoted in The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.

...full transcript available at Jewish Journal
...original article by Dr. Dawkins at TransMissions

According to Marcia Alesan Dawkins, visiting scholar in Ethnic Studies from Brown University and columnist for the Huffington Post,... "[Gwyneth] Paltrow may be making a statement that’s more about spiritual and cultural uplift and less about religious commitment or intensity.”

Featured on ABC 5 Boston's "CityLine": Interracial Relationships, Loving Day and Passing

...TV interview also available at WCVB Boston

Dr. Dawkins discusses the ongoing impact of interracial romantic relationships, multiracial identities and passing in the United States with Loving Day founder Ken Tanabe and CityLine host Karen Holmes Ward.

Interviewed by Mixed Roots Blog: "Where Are They Now?"

...full transcript available at Mixed Roots Blog

Dr. Dawkins shares her experiences as a volunteer at the 2010 Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival in Los Angeles, CA and reveals what she's up to now.

Featured on "Is That Your Child?" Radio: Racial Passing and More

...full audio available at ITYC Podcast

Dr. Dawkins kicks ideas around with Michelle McCrary, host of Blog Talk Radio's "Is That Your Child?," about representations of mixed people in the media, society's thoughts on moms of color, and about her overall research regarding race, rhetoric and identity.

Featured on KPFK Truthdig Radio: On the Freedom Riders

...full audio available at KPFK's Truthdig Radio

Dr. Dawkins talks with Truthdig's Kasia Anderson about her experience meeting the Original and Student Freedom Riders during the 2011 Freedom Ride in Nashville, Tennessee.