A Brief History of Hacking

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Dr. Dawkins gives Belmont University a sneak peek of her latest research on the rhetoric of hacking, hacktivism, and hip-hop at the 2012 Social Science Symposium.

March 20 - Belmont University's School of Sciences presents Wealth and Poverty: Anonymous - Distinguished panelists discuss ways in which the academic disciplines of communication studies, media studies, and public relations inform the debate concerning the socioeconomics of privacy and free discourse in the cyber world. Panelists include Dr. Marcia Dawkins, Brown University (communication studies); Dr. Jim Stovall, Edward J. Meeman Distinguished Professor of Journalism, University of Tennessee; and Gary McCormick, APR, Fellow PRSA, past national chair of the Public Relations Society of America.

I would love to read your

I would love to read your book when it is released. There is not much literature out there for mixed-race people as myself. Sometimes I feel like a fly in the room. Growing up in the black community being the lightest brightest thing out there was not easy. I am 53 and my sister and I still feel not accepted or understood in this world. I have problems with finding genuine love and compatibility of the opposite sex. My sister and I still get those aggravating questions of "what are you". I will be the first person to purchase your book. Thank you also for doing research on this subject.