Quoted in Wrightswords: "The Other Dumas" Seen Through American Eyes

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Dr. Dawkins shares her thoughts on mixed race casting and passing in The Other Dumas with Will Wright of Wrightswords.Com. "Prof. Dawkins said... that Mr. West isn’t completely off, but it ignores the complex history… We need to be more sensitive to how” these subtle and very sensitive questions are handled.

When people see that Depardieu used a contemporary version of black face, rancor easily follows. The word mistrel pops to mind. Prof. Dawkins understood this easily: “I definitely think it is to some degree. It’s not the same as minstrelsy. It’s like a first or second cousin of it.” Just because you can take a cool, rational approach to this, “…that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cool..,” Dawkins said."