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LGBT Ordination: Small Steps, Big Changes

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From church pews to synod hierarchies, Christians have a long history of social discomfort with and moral conflict about same-sex relations. But news media coverage of recent cultural shifts in mainline denominations and of conservative opposition to same-sex marriage has offered a glimpse into how that history has been evolving. Before the 1980s, news stories generally framed LGBT life as a categorical perversion. More recently, however, reporting has begun to reflect the changing landscape of our cultural discussions. Two important features of this landscape are the upcoming ordination of Scott Anderson as a teaching elder at the Covenant Church in Madison, Wisc., and the move by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) toward accepting same-sex relationships.

Who's the Alien, Cowboy?

...written with Ulli K. Ryder
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Chances are you didn’t see Cowboys and Aliens. The film won’t get to $100 million box office in the US, and it is sinking fast overseas as well. There’s even been collateral damage – in the wake of its lackluster performance, Disney has put the brakes on the even-more-expensive Lone Ranger, to have starred Johnny Depp.

Peru Recognizes Reproductive Imperialism?

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For centuries a woman’s worth has been ascribed to her womb. And for centuries some women’s wombs have been deemed more valuable than others. Over time thousands of women across North and South America were sterilized involuntarily under various eugenics laws.

Mississippi Still Burning

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A scenario ripped from our nation’s troubled racial past made new headlines this week: the slaying of a man allegedly for the simple reason that he was black. But a little digging reveals that there’s more to this story than the label “hate crime” suggests.

Participated in Roundtable on Mixed Race Representation: ITYC Podcast

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Dr. Dawkins contributes to a roundtable discussion about rethinking mixed race identities as they're framed by Madison Avenue and lived on Main Street.

Quoted by Intermix: Part Spider, Part African American, Part Latino

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Marcia Alesan Dawkins writing for the Huffington Post clearly has some insight into the thinking behind the new alter ego... "The social significance of multiracial and multiethnic identities extends far beyond present day politics and post-racial popular culture. Like all racial and ethnic identities, mixed race and ethnic identities are used to create communities of common interest, claim rights, market products and make powerful cultural arguments.

Meet Marvel's Mixed Spider-Man

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As a kid from Queens, NY it's not hard to understand why Spider-Man has always been my favorite superhero. Aside from a shared geographical location Spider-Man reflected many of the qualities of urban youth. He came from a working class background. He lived with extended family. He was open-minded. Sometimes unsure of himself, he struggled to make sense of the bustling world around him and his place in it.

Raising Moses and Apple (and a little Awareness)

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Oscar-winner Gwyneth Paltrow recently announced her decision to raise her children, seven-year-old Moses and five-year-old Apple, Jewish. For some this doesn't qualify as news in a world full of heinous acts committed in the name of religion. For others, Paltrow's decision is part of a larger story about Jewish identity and how it intersects with religion, ethnicity, nation and culture in the news.

Mentioned in Cultural Weekly

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Cultural Weekly's Adam Leipzig thanks Dr. Dawkins for her contributions to recent issues as he celebrates its one-year anniversary. Cheers Adam!!

Interviewed on Mixed Chicks Chat

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In Episode #217, Dr. Dawkins chatted with the Chicks about the diasporic multiracial experience and border identities, Eminem, and so much more! Tune in and tell us what you think!!