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The Million Hoodie March: It’s About a ‘Right-or-Wrong Thing’

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Thousands of protesters gathered in New York City’s Union Square on Wednesday evening (3/21/12) for the Million Hoodie March to demand justice and search for answers in the death of 17-year-old Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

Call for Submissions: "Mixed Race 2.0"

Call for Submissions

"Mixed Race 2.0: Mixing Race, Risk, and Reward in the Digital Age" is a project dedicated to examining the intersections of multiracial identities that lurk behind the scenes of everyday life in an increasingly networked world. In recent years, multiracial identities have seen increased representation in media, politics, art and activism. To explore these exciting transitions, Mixed Race 2.0 will pose questions and provide analyses that strike the core of what multiracial identities have meant, currently mean, and will mean to generations across the globe.

Quoted by ClickZ on Time's Yo Decido Cover

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"Marcia Dawkins at The Huffington Post concluded that the magazine confused race and ethnicity, and called for a more 'full color' analysis of an obviously complex story..."

#Swirlchat: Interracial Romantic Relationships in Full Color

Here is the transcript from Dr. Dawkins's first TweetChat with Swirl on Friday, February 24th, 2012.

TIME to Think in Full Color About Race & Ethnicity

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TIME Mag 0224 cover Colorlines    
TIME Magazine's latest cover story (Feb. 2/24) is called "Yo Decido. Why Latinos will pick the next President." It reports that about 9% of all voters in 2012 will be Latino, up 26% from four years ago. While the Latin@ vote is definitely an important and interesting and game-changing political development, the most interesting thing about this story isn't the headline or the article's statistics. It's the cover (left).

Interracial Love Is No Societal Cure-All

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IR Love    
A recently released report by the Pew Center is a belated Valentine’s Day gift to interracial and heterosexual families. The report indicates that intermarriage across racial and ethnic lines continues to be on the rise in the U.S. and the change is a sign that acceptance is growing. Although this is definitely cause for celebration and a reason to continue the fight for marriage equality everywhere, we should remember that a fuller and more accurate historical account of interracial sex and marriage in the U.S. should focus on social and legal constraints along with demographic patterns.

Dances With Aliens?: A Look At Multiracialism in "Avatar"

This article is based on my 2011 American Studies Association Conference presentation, which explored depictions of multiracialism in the 2009 film Avatar and its reviews.

The ABCs of Media Literacy with ITYC

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In this inaugural ITYC Monthly Webisode, Dr. Dawkins shares the ABCs of media literacy with Michelle Clark of the ITYC Radio Show. Please tune in and share your comments. Thanks!

The FLOTUS and the Twitterverse

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Michelle Obama joined Twitter today (12 Jan. 2012). For some this doesn't qualify as news in a world full of political and economic turmoil. For others, the First Lady’s first tweet -- “Hi Everyone, and thanks for the warm welcome. Look forward to staying in touch with you here. –mo” -- is part of a larger story about stereotyping and how it intersects with race, gender, nation and culture in the news.

Talking Color & Cultural Identity on "Bruce Hurwitz Presents"

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Dr. Dawkins brings a record number of listeners to "Bruce Hurwitz Presents" where she talks about passing, mixed race identities, mental health and the color of cultural identity in the US. Please tune in and let us know what you think!

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