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Eminem: 5 Money Lessons From the Rapper

Dr. Dawkins shared 5 money lessons she learned from Eminem with US News and World Report. You won't want to miss these!

MMLP2 Album Cover Released

In true Shady style, Eminem and his marketing team released the image of the MMLP2 album cover via Twitter on Friday. It's an amazing pubic relations experiment 14 months in the making.

The artwork debuted shortly after Mr. Mathers asked his followers one trivia question:

Shady Shows Us What "Berzerk" Really Means

It's been a crazy couple of days for The Real Slim Shady. First, the rapper appeared on ESPN in character to gave an amazing interview during half-time of the Michigan-Notre Dame football game Saturday night.

Can Feminist Women Love Eminem? Absolutely.

Do women love Eminem? Absolutely. In fact, they love Slim Shady's new song "Berzerk" so much they helped it debut on this week's Billboard "Hot 100" charts in the No. 2 spot among all digital songs.

How To Flip It With Glass

Here is a recap of my remarks #throughglass at the USC Annenberg Journalism School Director's Forum: Fun, Learning, Interaction, Presentation.

Back To The Future with Eminem’s “Berzerk”

Guess Who’s REALLY Back? Last night during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, the network aired a trailer for Eminem’s long-awaited eighth studio album MMLP2 (The Marshall Mathers LP 2), and now the king of hip hop has released the newest single, “Berzerk,” which samples Billy Squier's hit 1981 song "The Stroke."

What the 'Mixed Kids Are Always So Beautiful' Meme Really Means

Also published at Huffington Post

The New York Times' Motherlode blog recently posted a thought-provoking article called, "Mixed Kids Are Always So Beautiful." The author's experiences as a parent to a racially-ambiguous mixed child are proof that beauty and race are concepts societies create that may not actually exist in nature. As a result, beauty and race are associated with and impacted by our experiences and perceptions related to class, immigration, gender, sexuality and marketing. Case in point: Since the Time magazine "New Eve" cover in the 1990s, multiracial individuals are more and more said to be the face of 21st century America and its evolved standard of beauty. But what's less known is that even this image was altered to look less "Hispanic/Latino" (read: brown) and more "European" (read: white) after focus group testing.

Rhetoric and the Public Sphere

This lively and engaging course provides an introduction to rhetoric and the public sphere, exploring how communication is used to shape the minds and actions of individuals and the broader public.

Times Herald Calls Dr. Dawkins "A New Role Model to Follow"

Over the last couple of weeks, Professors Marcia Alesan Dawkins and Walter David Greason had a conversation about several of the issues in their lives, in their research, in the academy, and around the world. They are proud to share their ideas with you.

Marcia Takes on Politicians Passing as One of Us on KCUR

With the upcoming political conventions, candidates are banking not only on their platforms to win over voters, but on their personalities. Listen here.