Shady Shows Us What "Berzerk" Really Means

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It's been a crazy couple of days for The Real Slim Shady. First, the rapper appeared on ESPN in character to gave an amazing interview during half-time of the Michigan-Notre Dame football game Saturday night. Though many were left scratching their heads it's pretty clear that Em was providing a brilliant live demonstration of the word "berserk" (i.e., wild; crazed; deranged; a state possibly induced by eating hallucinogenic mushrooms). Check it out!

First thing Monday morning the Detroit rapper brought the point home by premiering the new video (directed by Syndrome) for his "Berzerk" single. It's definitely in keeping with MMLP2's back to the future theme. Think it's a way for an older Slim to appeal to today's youth? Check it out below the scroll and be the judge.