The Unboxing Experiment - Porn for Geeks or Something Else?

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Is “unboxing” just porn for tech geeks or is something else going on here? I thought I’d try a little experiment to find out. See the unboxing of my new Macbook Air and leave a comment below to tell me what you think…

What is this trend communicating? What is it saying about identity? Culture? Consumerism? Gender? Sexuality? Desire? Envy? Or, anything else you notice?

It's something I can have but

It's something I can have but chose not to. Depends on the necessity and practicality of the purchase. With the way products are packaged and released, it makes me wonder, is there satisfaction left? Change is inevitable. Satisfaction is temporary. People would always want to be updated. I guess, the difference lies on those who go overboard and those who ride along just fine.

As for unboxing of your new MAC air, unboxing it as a gift is a whole new discussion! Let's talk about drooling and lots of wishful thinking.

Unboxing experiment

I would never be able to do something like that. Unboxing is an intimate moment. How did you feel doing this? You are like an unboxing pro!

Unboxing identity

I can't relate to the idea that it would be arousing for a techie, but I have no doubt that it's one more feature in our constant need to update status (double entendre intended). The impression management associated with unveiling a new tech purchase is part socioeconomic staus (SES) and part state-of-the-art currency (as in "I'm valuable because I'm current"). We are increasingly a culture of getting instant gratification (e.g. what's now, what's hot, what's new). Showing your "friends" and audiences that you are keeping up with the Joneses through this bizarre and certainly redundant ritual maintains your membership in the larger group.
My laptop is 7 years old now, but I would be lying if I said I didn't salivate over the mac air when last I visited the electronics store!

Unboxing Experiment

Congratulations on the unboxing (unveiling) of your new Macbook air. May you continue to write many books and blogs on it.