2010 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award

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In November 2010 I received the National Communication Association's Gerald R. Miller Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award in San Francisco, California. The Gerald R. Miller Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Awards program recognizes new scholars who have recently completed their dissertations.

Receiving this award was a true honor and a great way to begin a career in writing. It was especially wonderful to be supported by Harry Guillermo, Deborah Hanan, Terry Nance, Randy Lake, and my colleagues and friends at USC Annenberg, CSU Fullerton and Brown. Mostly, it was humbling to be surrounded by so many scholars whose work makes important contributions to the discipline of communication.

I'm pleased to report that my award-winning dissertation is now my book manuscript, Things Said in Passing: Understanding Racial Passing from a Rhetorical Perspective, and that it's due to be published in 2011 by Baylor University Press. I am deeply grateful to the National Communication Association for its support and recognition. Who knows? Maybe book of the year for 2012? Fingers crossed...

Registering for the NCA Conference

Just got my schedule and name tag


Envisioning my book on sale

Wandering moment


Presentation, "Barack Obama & Post-Racial Politics"

A much needed break

Celebrating with Terry Nance, my "academic Mom"

More celebrating

Remembering old times

Shaking on it

Receiving the award

Pic with NCA President

Another pic with NCA President

Celebrating with colleagues

Congrats from Stella Ting-Toomey

The award

A proud moment with Randy Lake, my "academic Dad"

I love the pictures!

Dr. Dawkins, the pictures look great. I am also very happy for you and I applaud your accomplishments. You're an inspiration! Jennifer A.L.


Congratulations on your award. Keep on the good work.
PS: You look great!
Peter Chepus (Mom's "childhood" friend)


Congratulations Dr. Dawkins!!! You were the best Professor I have ever had and you are truly inspirational! Your award is well deserved and if there was a Professor of the Year award that I knew about, I would have campaigned for you!! Good luck with the book and rest assured, I will be looking out to buy a copy.

Thank you for everything you did, taught, spoke and motivated in class while I had the honor of you as my professor!

Jenn Bustos

A well deserved award.

A well deserved award. Congrats!


more searching led me to the

more searching led me to the pics. great work. stay grounded and rooted. Proud of you.
Mrs. L


Major congrats to easily one of the best professors I've ever had! I can't wait to see that book! Keep on rockin' it.



You are the best! Love you.