Marcia Dawkins is Clearly Invisible... Are You?

Dr. Dawkins explains how NYU's Washington Square Park inspired her with the idea for looking at passing in her new book Clearly Invisible: Racial Passing and the Color of Cultural Identity.

The Unboxing Experiment - Porn for Geeks or Something Else?

Is “unboxing” just porn for tech geeks or is something else going on here? I thought I’d try a little experiment to find out. See the unboxing of my new Macbook Air and leave a comment below to tell me what you think…

Interviewed by Belmont University: A Fresh Eye on Hacktivism

In this mobile story by Belmont University's Audrey Schaulat, Dr. Dawkins shares her thoughts on hacking as a genre of media participation that deserves more nuanced attention from mainstream and English-speaking press in the U.S.

The ABCs of Media Literacy with ITYC

...full audio and video available at @Spreecast ITYC TV

In this inaugural ITYC Monthly Webisode, Dr. Dawkins shares the ABCs of media literacy with Michelle Clark of the ITYC Radio Show. Please tune in and share your comments. Thanks!

Dances With Aliens?: A Look At Multiracialism in "Avatar"

Dr. Dawkins shares her thoughts on multiracial identities, interracial romantic relationships, media and James Cameron's blockbuster film Avatar at the 2011 American Studies Association Conference.

Featured on ABC 5 Boston's "CityLine": Interracial Relationships, Loving Day and Passing

...TV interview also available at WCVB Boston

Dr. Dawkins discusses the ongoing impact of interracial romantic relationships, multiracial identities and passing in the United States with Loving Day founder Ken Tanabe and CityLine host Karen Holmes Ward.

"Passing as Property": Plessy v. Ferguson and the Rise of Identity Theft

Dr. Dawkins gives Claremont University a sneak peek of her new book, Clearly Invisible: Racial Passing and the Color of Cultural Identity at the 2011 NAES Conference.

Mixed Chicks Chat: Episode # 153

Mixed Chicks Chat is the award-winning, LIVE, weekly podcast about the Mixed experience: interracial relationships, transracial adoption and Biracial / Hapa / Mixed identity. In Episode #153, Dr. Dawkins chatted with the Chicks about her experiences with multiracial identity and her research on racial passing as a viable form of communication. Enjoy!!

Stay tuned for her next interview with The Chicks on July 27, 2011.

Small Screen / Big Picture

Dr. Dawkins talks about the importance of "having a little faith" in race, religion and Fox's Prison Break.

How It's Done: Using "Hitch" to Reduce Uncertainty

I developed an original classroom activity to apply Uncertainty Reduction Theory to initial relationship development using "Hitch." Using my "Uncertainty Reduction Strategies" worksheet to screen a scene between the film's protagonists (played by Eva Mendez and Will Smith), students discover that initiating interpersonal relationships is both rule-governed and imaginative.