Book Review: Digitizing Race

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Lisa Nakamura’s Digitizing Race: Visual Cultures of the Internet, explores the culture wars of Web 2.0 as they are now emerging—from AIM icons, to pregnancy and ethnic quiz sites, to iPod ads and Trek Kelley’s “iPod Ghraib” remixes, to Jennifer Lopez’s music videos, to Six Feet Under, the Matrix Trilogy, Gattaca, and Minority Report.

Nakamura offers an insightful analysis of digital visual culture and its diversity articulated through her theory of “digital racial formation” that aims to “parse the way that digital modes
of cultural production and reception are complicit with” racial formation as an “ongoing process” (p. 14). As a whole, Digitizing Race can be taken as an attempt to explain how the Internet acts as a space for reembodiment, rather than as a space for disembodiment and colorblindness.

"Lisa Nakamura's Digitizing Race," International Journal of Communication 3 (2009): 8-10.